inge miedemaDuring my studies graphic design at the Art Academy in Utrecht I learned that I have to let my work come into existence by following my intuition. Afterwards I analyze my work, discard the things that aren’t relevant and treasure the gifts that my hands gave me. In a way my hands make the work for me and my head separates the wheat from the chaff.

I am inspired by nature and things that accidentally occur around me. I try to make my work aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time sending a subtle message to drive people to change or influence their behavior.

In my studio / atelier I like to work with ceramics to make useful products,
textiles to make clothing or bags, pen or paint to make illustrations and paintings 
and my camera to make video’s.


You can find a selection of my work in this stores in The Netherlands:
Galerie de Parel Vlieland
Visit my Etsy Shop online
Order direct by sending me an email


25.09.15 BYOB, Bring your own beamer, Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht.
25.06.15 – 28.06.15 Exposure, Eindexamen expositie Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.
04.06.15 – 30.06.15 Unseen Dummy Award On Tour, Belfast Photo Festival, Belfast, UK. ‘Laatst had ik een gieter gevangen’ book exposition.
02.05.14 – 08.05.14 Sinema Dans Festival, Ankara Turkije, Fragment.
29.03.14 – 26.04.14 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Academiegalerie Utrecht.
12.03.14 – 16.03.14 EYE, Amsterdam, Fragment.
03.05.13 – 25.05.13 CO-LAB, Academiegalerie Utrecht, Poster grafisch onzijdig.
05.05.12 Bevrijdingsfestival Haarlem.

2017 – now Exbunker
2017 – now Animal shelter Utrecht 

2011-2015 Bachelor of design: Graphic design, University of the Arts Utrecht
2008 – 2010 Grafische vormgeving / Creative-dtp, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht
2004 – 2006 Docent Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving, Hogeschool Windesheim Zwolle. (Propedeuse)

2014 Studio Sybrandy
2010 Studio Matusiak
2009 Dutch Portfolio

2014 Nomination for the stortlist of the Unseen Dummy Award for the book design of ‘Laatst had ik een gieter gevangen’ by Anna de Boer.